Using MIRacle and MIR Pro as Hybrid Reverb (2)

What is it?  Hybrid Reverb (2) is a mix of reverb options in VEPro 7.  It contains VI Pro + Mir Pro + MIRacle.

What should expect with this setup?  You will have control over 4 faders located in the Busses on the FX: MIRacle

  1. Dry signal.  (Straight from VI Pro)
  2. MIRacle
  3. Mir Pro
  4. Mir Pro signal + MIRacle

How to set it up? 

  1. Create 3 Busses.
    1. Strings Dry
      1. MIRacle in FX slot
      1. Out -> Master Bus
    1. Strings Wet
      1. MIRacle in FX slot
      1. Out -> Master Bus
    1. Empty
      1. Do nothing.
      1. Put Fader is negitive infinity. 
  2. In each instrument track.
    • FX slot goes to MIR Pro, and output of MIR Pro goes to Bus Strings WET
    • Send slot goes to ‘Pre-Fader’ mode and output to Bus Strings Dry
    • Out will go to Empty Bus.  We want this signal to go to a dead end.


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